About Us

Buy A Test Now and Culminate Care offer a comprehensive network of multi-specialty providers offering variety of healthcare solutions. Culminate Care partners with Federal agencies, local municipalities and school districts with diverse COVID testing modules such as drive-throughs, walk-ups, and mobile clinics. Our team has extensive experience in designing and operating COVID testing platforms and have been providing our clients with a one-stop COVID testing solution at the forefront since the very beginning of the pandemic.

One-stop COVID testing solutions

Scalable testing modalities

From site design, patient traffic control and to site closure, our team of experts support you and your group to ensure safety and health!

Customized Registration & Results

Our testing registration & result data can be fully-customized to your group's need. We can also provide clients with weekly, monthly demographic reports upon request.

Physician Oversight

Beyond testing services, we provide patient assessment services (virtual telehealth) by state-licensed providers which brings more value-add to your testing program.

Marketing Support

We have an excellent in-house team experienced with agencies and municipalities which would be able to support your group in reaching out to various communities.

Technical Support

Whether a patient needs support in swabbing or have difficulty in registering online, our support team is always on standby!

Rapid Antigen Test Kits

We supply recognized FDA EUA authorized rapid antigen test kits (POC) for providers and clinics. OTC rapid antigen kits will be available soon.

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